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Lior Milliger has a M.Mus in jazz performance, B.Mus composition and B.Mus.Ed (musical education) from the Jerusalem Academy of Music. In the past 14 years he has lead a succeful career as a Saxophone teacher at the prestigious Karmiel Conservatory in Israel,

helping bringing up young musicians to performance level.

In addition to giving Saxophone lessons, Lior has also teach music theory and harmony at different levels, from beginners to academics: scales, modes, harmony, solfege, structures and shapes. 

Moreover, has mastered the field of Composition and Arranging classes for all genres and instrumentation, such as Jazz, Pop, Rock, Electronic and more...


As part of his work as head of jazz department at the Karmiel conservatory, lior was leading different projects in musical education within the community.

One of his most successful projects was the foundation of the Karmiel Big Band, a 20 piece band consisted of 13-18 y/o students of the Karmiel Conservatory. During the 7 years that Lior managed and conducted the big band, the band has performed in festivals, jazz clubs, jazz assemblies and competitions around Israel. One of the band's greatest achievements was conducting a successful tour in the Mirabelle in France.


Being a performing artist, composing, arranging an producing his music - Lior harnessed his knowledge and experience to guide and work with bands of all genres , helping them  reach a stage level performance and maximising their true potential.

Saxophone & music lessons