Lior Milliger - Saxophonist, improviser and composer.

Currently (2020) located in Berlin after living, performing and absorbing
the New York jazz scene for the past 4 years, taking an integral part in the
Free jazz and Avant-Garde scene, collaborating with prominent musicians on free improvisation performances and special projects playing his own compositions.


Lior has recorded 2 albums in New York -

“It’s Time For Freedom”(Recorded 2016) - Leading a jazz quartet with Santiago Leibson (Piano), Javier Moreno (Bass) and Rodrigo Recabarren (Drums) - exploring a new compositional approach around Motif development and progressions. 

“ROUGH” (Recorded 2019) - Leading a free improvisation trio with Hilliard Greene (Bass) and Joe Hertenstein (Drums) - a trio that worked and performed on a regular basis in Downtown Manhattan’s and Brooklyn’s free improvised music scene.

Graduate of the Multi-Disciplinary Performance and Composition department at the Jerusalem Music Academy in Vyacheslav Ganelin and Albert Beger's Class (2013), Lior has experimented with various compositional approaches and formed the Narrative group alongside with Tal Avraham, Shay Hazan and Nir Sabag, taking an active part in the Israeli free-jazz scene in Tel-Aviv and Jerusalem.

"Seven Songs" (2011) – Lior's debut album – Brings an exploration journey to the roots of Israeli folk music. The characteristics of the unique Israeli music has translated into jazz, with fresh compositions that expresses the Israeli music’s sound through Lior’s point of view.


While in Israel, Lior established himself as a leading figure in the jazz education and saxophone instructing fields. His students accomplished with the prestigious American Israeli Culture Foundation scholarships, they participated in the Red Sea Jazz Festival Youth Programs and become performing artists on their own. For seven years Lior established, managed and conducted his youth big band that considered as one of the best big bands in Israel. The Big Band went touring in Europe and had the pleasure to work with composers that composed music especially for them and experienced masterclasses with famous Israeli musicians.

The growing community and interest for jazz, brought Lior to establish a jazz club that hosted shows and masterclasses by accomplished artists such as Albert Beger, Eli Degibri, The hazelnuts, Tevet Sela and more.

© Lior Milliger